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Contest Winner! “I Was A Terrible Waiter…”

Each August, Paul Loyd (aka “Just this Guy”) puts on a Songwriting Contest. Last year’s challenge was to write a song about a toy, and my song Lite Brite took 2nd place.
This year’s contest had the following criteria:
—write a song about the worst job you ever had.
—use the words: boss, work, pay, co-worker
—bonus points for the word “monkey” (as was the case last year.)
So, I came up with a song called I was a terrible waiter, which I thought was pretty amusing. And, I just found out today (M, 10/12/09), that I won this year!
The song I wrote for the 2007 contest was Java 13, which also turned out nicely.

2 comments on “Contest Winner! “I Was A Terrible Waiter…””

  1. Denise

    Hooray! Congratulations, Brad. Keep on writing these great story-songs. 😀

  2. Brad

    Thanks, Denise!
    It’s the first song on the NERFA sampler I’m burning right now.
    My waiter-friend Brent was tickled to show up in a song, too. :]


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