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Call Me “Rad”: More Rock Star Cred?…

Here’s a funny interaction between my friend Rachel, and her son Noah, as reported on Facebook:

Driving in the car with Noah, age 6½, listening to Wake the Dragon, from Talk to Total Strangers:
Noah: What are we listening to? Turn it up – this is totally my kind of music!
Rachel (Noah’s mom): I’m glad you like it, Noah. It’s my friend, Brad Yoder.
Noah: Woah – you have a friend who’s a rock star?
Rachel: Yep.
Noah: He totally has the most perfect name.
Rachel: …?….! Oh, did you think I said RAD Yoder? His first name is BRAD.
Noah: Oh! Yeah, I thought you said Rad…

So, that does it—I’m changing my name to Rad Yoder. The hip-hop moniker will be B-Rad. Yup…

One comment on “Call Me “Rad”: More Rock Star Cred?…”

  1. Mike C.

    B-Rad Yoder. That’s tight man.


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