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Back to the ‘Burgh!.

mmla1.thumbnailI sort of disappeared there for a bit—I was up in Burlington Vermont for 5 weeks, working at a French language immersion program with 90-some American teenagers, and a very cool staff (all of whom pretty much spoke better French than me, but I learned a lot in 5 weeks).
The program was housed at St. Michael’s College, a small Catholic liberal arts college with a really lovely campus.
Since “Brad” isn’t a very French name, I was “Thibault.” I led singing (kids learned about 20 songs or so while there), and helped to organize activities and other program-related things. It was very fun, and CRAZY STRESSFUL. So, readjusting has taken a little longer than expected. But, I’m glad to be back, and I do have a new French song, j’ai vidé mon cœur (I emptied my heart) to show for it. The kids sang it, and also an older one, Une Fois, which I wrote while working in a similar program about 10 years back.
Will I do it again next summer? Not sure, but it was pretty cool.

4 comments on “Back to the ‘Burgh!.”

  1. Linda

    What were you doing when the picture was taken? That’s one great smile!

  2. Hélène

    That’s the picture Flav took, isn’t it? I agree, very nice smile, Thibault! Je n’ai pas su que tu aies écrit “Une Fois.” C’était très bien!

  3. Clautilde

    Est-ce que vous allez retourner a MMLA l’ete prochaine? J’espere que oui!!

  4. Brad

    J’espère bien… on verra!
    Ça va dépendre, mais je l’ai bien aimé.


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