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YouTube-Age Galore…

sax.thumbnailThere are 3 new videos on, of my 4/18/09 show at the Daily Grind in Richmond, VA (thanks to Jim!): School TogetherTwo Left Feet, and a sax encore, This Little Light of Mine. Scott Lashinsky also played mandolin with me on these songs.
I also (finally) posted 3 duo videos David Jose recorded in the summer of 2007: Head TogetherCan’t Sleep, and a little banjo/mando instrumental, Porch Swing Blues. Finally, I was super-pleased to see that there’s a video of Raina Rose’s super-catchy song “King’s Flashlight” up on YouTube, with me playing glockenspiel! :] (yes, I do own one.)

One comment on “YouTube-Age Galore…”

  1. Uncle Al

    HI Brad, I enjoyed some of your songs, especially This Little Light of Mine!

    Al Shirk


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