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“Lite Brite” wins 2nd place!!

lite_brite.thumbnailHey, I just learned that my song Lite Brite won 2nd place (and $100) in this year’s Paul Loyd Just this Guy Songwriting Contest, which takes place each August.
You can listen to all 8 entries here.
The winner was Victoria Vox, with her song “My Window” (Anything can be a toy, really, when you’re a kid.)
This year’s theme was “write about a favorite toy”; you also had to compare it to another toy (and explain why it was better), and use the words “toy,” “child,” “play,” and “fun,” with bonus points for “monkey.” (yes, I got monkey in there twice.)
So, check out (& download) Lite Brite!
(FYI, the theme last year was “write about a venue you like to play,” and I wrote Java 13, which I also thought turned out nicely.)

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