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Kudos From Dave Potts…

Dave Potts is a terrific songwriter-performer from Alabama, and someone I’ve heard play, and had the honor to play in-the-round with, at NERFA—for “best 2007 discovery” and one of his two “best CDs of 2007.” You can read that blog entry here.
Thanks, Dave!

3 comments on “Kudos From Dave Potts…”

  1. Mike C.


  2. Harvey Yoder

    congratulations on your kudos!

  3. Jeff Miller

    Dave is actually from Alabama 🙂 _(thanks, Jeff!! Fixed it!)_
    I had the strange experience of playing two shows with him, when he had laryngitis. He could barely sing, and didn’t finish the second show we did together. So I can’t really speak of his live performance, but he does have a way with words.


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