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Songs in Blogs…

My father (72-year-old Mennonite counselor/pastor) has an online blog, which he is rightly proud of (in a very humble Mennonite sort of way!) He’s a good writer—I was always grateful of that as a kid, because I listened to hundreds of his (thoughtful, well-written) sermons growing up.
Dad has mentioned my songs in several blog entries, including: Went Away SadWWJD?Love is All I Have For YouSomewhere in the Constellation, and “the French one”, J’ai vidé mon cœur. I’m honored that he includes my words among his thoughts & reflections. Thanks, Dad!
Another song of mine, Someone to Be Lonely With, is featured in a blog entry by Leslie Reagan (Plaia). There’s a reason for that: years ago, I used to play frequently at the Daily Grind coffee shop in Lower Burrell, and Leslie was one of a group of high school students who came out to hear me regularly. I hadn’t played “Someone to Be Lonely With” for a couple years, but Leslie found the lyrics on my website, and basically said, “Hey, why don’t you play that song any more? I really like the words—I read them on your website. You should play it!” So, I relearned the song (making a couple lyrical and musical tweaks in the process), and now it’s on my newest CD. Usually, if a song falls out of circulation, it’s a sign it’s not so great, but in this case, Leslie salvaged a keeper. Thanks, Leslie!
One funny observation—Leslie and my father both use the same blogspot background image. Coincidence? :]

One comment on “Songs in Blogs…”

  1. Lewis & Mary Ellen Overholt.

    Thanks, Brad! What we (my wife Mary & Iike about your music & songs is that thaey are all original, & from your inner Workshop of Life: your own observations, experiences & resolutions . Keep up the good work, & let the creative Juices flow, ferment, and transform. Lewis & Mary Ellen O.


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