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11 Songs In 2008…

Happy New Year!
My 11 new songs for 2008 were (in order): Harper Lee (our greatest 1-book author?), pity to waste it (Paul Tabachnek loves this song), secret (GLBT ally song #2), morning sickness (written at Bethel Park High School), bitter kid (Paris? Brittany?), j’ai vidé mon cœur (oui, that’s French… I had some help), Lite Brite (which won me $100-yay!), few and far between (written for a Rhode Island songwriters-in-the-round thing), headlights (love vs.3, still not sure about line #2), Eveline(I got the name from a sign for “Evaline St.”), & married a lawyer (a little Google is a dangerous thing—MP3 is now posted!).
For me, a song a month is pretty typical; my favorite new song of ‘08 is probably Lite Brite, though the French one is quite lovely; I like them all, really. (I actually do.)

5 comments on “11 Songs In 2008…”

  1. Ethan

    You should consider putting ID3 tags on your MP3s — it’s a great way to make sure listeners can always find their way back to you.

  2. Pete

    Did you know you can create a Brad Yoder radio station on Pandora? Can’t wait for the next CD

  3. Brad

    YES! I love Pandora, and have heard from lots of surprised people about my popping up on that site.
    By mid-year we should have some more music for them to spread around! I will keep plugging along on it.

  4. Bob Cappel

    Hi Brad,
    Really enjoyed your show at the Flood City Music Festival a week ago. I like you and Jason together and you said you had something you could send me of the two of you if I bought your newest CD. I wrote my address on the back of a receipt you had. Also I spoke to Steve at a place called Over The Mountain up here in Rockton, PA. Hope you can come up this way and play sometime.

  5. Brad

    thanks, Bob! I’ll get that CD out in tomorrow’s mail–I hadn’t forgotten, just a lot going on. And thanks for the tip on Over the Mountain–I could use some new places to play.
    brad :]


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