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The Next CD: Done With Mastering, Now the Art…

This next CD has been mixed, by Lurch, and has now been mastered by Toronto’s Fedge (Jeff Elliott). After 3 rounds of minor tweaks and changes, a final version of the music should be done shortly.
Here are the songs featured, in the order they’ll appear:
1. Again, 2. How it Ends, 3. Some Strange Algorithm, 4. Keep it to Yourself, 5. Someone to be Lonely With, 6. I Will Only Let You Down, 7. Lovely Trap, 8. I’m So Glad You’re Over Me, 9. Horses, 10. Leave Like This, 11. Love is All I Have For You, 12. Excellent Trouble, 13. Card Tricksand 14. At the Table. Four songs, AgainHow it EndsKeep it to Yourself andHorses even have strings, thanks to Roy Sonne and the Fauré String Trio (arrangements by Chris Massa).
On the art front, Seth Clark will be working to complete the design work in the first half of June. The design will resemble a sketch book, and will feature a 24-page glued-in booklet. Check out his website, in particular his sketchbooks, to get a sense of his work. You can also see my round draft of the credits’ page, which I think will be fun:

So, the good news is that I should finally have “new product” here, maybe by July sometime. Meanwhile, you can still pre-order Excellent Trouble, and help me cover the costs of mastering/duplication.

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