you can’t fix everything

Written July 2017

Tab Bb (G capo 3)

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you always try your best to clean up every mess,
though you’ve had much success,
+you can’t fix everything,
so quick to roll your sleeves, before you even grieve,
as if you don’t believe that
+you can’t fix everything
++there are things in this world, when they’re gone, they’re just gone
++there ain’t no magic words gonna save them,
++just a boy and a girl, 7 holes in their hearts,
++where were you gonna start to repair them?

I’ve got this private hell, in case you couldn’t tell?
so I remind myself, hey,
+you can’t fix everything
pick up each broken dream, examine every seam,
glue where the fracture’s clean but
+you can’t fix everything
++many things in this world, when they’re lost, they’re just lost
++there’s no cost you can pay to replace them,
++I’ll fly my heart at half-mast for the love that can’t last,
++7 holes in the song we were playing,
++++but we knew that, yeah, we knew that..

a string tied around my wrist, so I will not forget
the way you whispered it:
+“you can’t fix everything…”

2 comments on “you can’t fix everything”

  1. Harvey Yoder

    I love this! And need to apply this wisdom to my own life.

    • brad yoder

      Love you, Dad! (like father, like son… :] )


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