What God Likes

Written December 2009

Tab D/bm, capo 3-5

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somewhere in Turkey a father is shooting his son,
it’s an honor killing, to settle a shame that is none,
his grown boy was gay, now the neighbors won’t say what they saw,
it’s a shame, it’s a pity, but they know how God feels after all,
+++ so you can say that you have the right
+++ to believe you know what God likes,
+++ what if that belief breeds violence daily?..

somewhere in Kansas a teenager’s cutting her wrists,
she has no answers, she can’t go on living like this,
her church and her family have taught her to hate who she is,
now she’s bleeding like Jesus, & praying His mercy exists..
+++ so you can say that you have the right
+++ to believe you know what God likes,
+++ & you may even claim compassion
+++ for those outside of His pattern,
+++ what if that belief is ending lives early?..

among all God’s creatures there are all kinds of lovers at play,
you might call it “fallen,” but what if God likes it that way?
‘cause if God is love, She’s the author of love’s awesome reach,
and that love rings out louder than all of the dogma we preach..
+++ so you can say that you have the right
+++ to believe you know what God likes,
+++ that God gets upset when Wanda and Emily
+++ share the same bed, and raise a family,
+++ but in schoolyards and dark alleyways,
+++ when they’re beating up someone who’s gay,
+++ what if the same belief you claim is making that easy?..

9 comments on “What God Likes”

  1. Nico Coer

    Wow, that’s so powerful. . . I hope you record this, even if it’s just a live recording, I’d love to have the chance to share it!

  2. Brad

    thanks so much, Nico!
    I wondered how you found this one, and then I realized that I tweeted about it.
    I’ll work on getting a live MP3 up.

  3. Victoria

    Yes, Brad, that would be great if you could get an mp3 of this song up. Melissa and I really enjoy your music and especially appreciate your other gay supportive songs.

  4. Kris


    I’m pretending this is for me, too. Very, very touching lyrics. ‘Cant wait to hear it set to your tune.


  5. Brad

    Yes, absolutely–it’s for you, too, KV!
    And, I know, get MP3 up. :] Thanks for your patience.
    I played the song tonight (at a house concert in Pittsburgh), but I know that isn’t so helpful.

  6. Denny Martin

    Brad….both socially and theologically this is a brave statement. Thank you for having the courage to say it…but behind the words of this song, are the Words of God’s love to each of His/Her creations!

  7. Domingo

    Hey Brad! Great song, love your lyrical ways. Hopefully it will open minds and soften hearts towards people who are different. 🙂 Domingo

  8. Lisa Brush

    Brad — This song is so important right now, when people are finally talking a little about LGBTQ youth suicides and how much the bigoted beliefs of family and friends “make it easy.” Thank you so much. I posted the link to fb.

  9. Denny Martin


    With all the tragedy with our youth today, this song needs to be released…to let them know that God does love them any way!


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