I’m So Glad You’re Over Me

Written June 2006

Tab F/dm (C/am, capo 5)

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I’m so glad you’re over me,
now you’re free to do just as you please,
I wouldn’t want to weigh you down,
or be a burden you carry around,
+++ promises are hard to keep, I’m so glad you’re over me..

it’s better that you’re over me,
we were mostly broken from the start,
I wasn’t who you thought I’d be,
despite the best of efforts on my part,
so it comes as some relief, I’m so glad you’re over me,
+++ on the way to a place where there’s nothing left to lose,
+++ & maybe this was just a phase you were only passing through,
+++ & you can take back your name, and the pictures, and the toaster,
+++ anything you choose..

if I loved the best in you,
that’s just because it wasn’t hard to do,
now you need the things I lack, well,
were your fingers crossed behind your back?
+++ now I lay me down to sleep,
+++ will you stick around to haunt my dreams?
+++ promises break easily..   I’m so glad you’re over,

I’m so glad you’re over me, I’m so glad you’re over me,
I’m so glad you’re over me…

One comment on “I’m So Glad You’re Over Me”

  1. Kerrie

    great kinda melancoly break-up song. it’s a keeper!


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