Expiration Date

Written August 2012


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I saw Zelda at the grocery store,
I nodded, but she turned away,
I wonder if acquaintances have expiration dates?
‘cause she used to come to shows I played
with her boyfriend at the time,
we last spoke a year ago in this same checkout line,
+++ when we had the standard conversation,
+++ where we ask “how the heck are you?”
+++ half-afraid to hear an honest answer,
+++ would we care if we knew?

I believe she worked at Dollar Bank,
and here’s one more thing I recall,
she told me once about a beauty bender she went on,
where she tried a tan, a pedicure,
some kind of wax, she dyed her hair,
I just smiled and said, hey there,
whatever floats your boat..
+++ ‘cause you never know unless you try it,
+++ till you do, I guess you can’t be sure,
+++ but if you think you need it, I don’t buy it,
+++ you’re just fine as you were..
+++++ maybe she was in her own world, and never saw my face?
+++++ plotting out a tasty meal she’d cook later that day..

as she moved along, I called her name,
just to see if she would turn,
there was no reaction, but I still think it was her..

I saw Zelda at the grocery store,
I watched her as she walked away,
I wonder if acquaintances have expiration dates?..

One comment on “Expiration Date”

  1. Denise

    Thanks for another beautiful, thought-provoking, sad song Brad. I trust that most of my friendships won’t expire. 🙂


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