Cinema 4

Written February 2004


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Cinema4   (mp3 download)

Cinema 4 on Liberty Avenue doesn’t show movies any more,
but the marquee still carries the names
of the films that were there when they closed the doors,
+++ Along Came a Spider, I never saw that one,
+++ but, if I’m right, it starred Morgan Freeman,
+++ and Crocodile Dundee 3
is still on the board at Cinema 4, yeah,
it’s up on the board at Cinema..Cinema 4 had stiff competition,
because of the Denis right up the street,
and if this was France, it’d be the “deux-knee,”
but this isn’t France, no, I think we’re in Dormont,
+++ or maybe Mt. Lebanon?
+++ whichever side I’m on,
+++ I’m not from here, the suburbs confuse me,
is anyone else but me puzzled by Crocodile Dundee 3?
still on the board, at Cinema 4, yeah,
it’s up on the board at Cinema+++ for the bridge I planned to talk about my heart,
+++ and how your name’s still written there,
+++ but then I thought “that’s truly lame,” and so I won’t…

There’s just one more film, the 4th slot is empty,
perhaps by the end they would only show 3,
that movie was Blow, the one side says “LOW,” though,
so maybe the wind came and blew off a “B”
+++ it was somebody’s job to change the marquee,
+++ they lost that job, obviously,
+++ like I wrote this song after too much caffeine,
but the funniest thing to me
has gotta be Crocodile Dundee 3,
still on the board at Cinema 4, yeah,
it’s up on the board at Cinema 4,
that’s where it’s at, au cinéma quatre, oui
it’s up on the board at Cinema 4…

7 comments on “Cinema 4”

  1. Brad

    okay–if you have a PC, right click, select “Save Link As”, and you’re good. Or, click through to the page (Quicktime in my case), and then do a “Save Page As.”
    Not sure what’s best in Mac-land?
    It is downloadable, folks! I just downloaded one.

  2. Carly Jo

    I’m currently staring at the back of Cinema 4 from my window right now, in the house I’ve lived in all my life. I can’t believe someone finally made light of the fact that the marquee hasn’t changed in over a decade. You’re a GENIUS!

    It was so nice to meet you at the Steinhauer party, love your music! Best of Luck in the future : )

  3. Adrian

    I passed by Cinema 4 while coming home from South Side the other day and thought about you and started humming this song.
    Hope you got back from Cal ok, have a happy insert winter holiday here!

  4. Brad

    thanks, Adrian!
    Got back fine, thanks to the battery jump.
    Have several good holidays yourself, and a happy grad as well.

  5. Avy

    Dear Brad,
    I heard you play for the first time almost ten years ago in Pittsburgh, while studying at Kiva Han Cafe (gone since 2012 I’m sad to hear). You played this song and I loved it. After that I sought out your music and shows in Pitt, and you never disappointed. I love your music.
    I lived in Pittsburgh for only two years, but a big part of me stayed there. Every time this song pops in my ipod, it takes me back, and for that I thank you.

  6. Joe

    Hi Brad,
    While I was in school (Early 2000’s), I heard you play Cinema 4 – you made a great impression, just you and your guitar.
    Some of the lyrics swam back into my head this afternoon, and I’m so pleased to be able to listen to it again. Thanks!
    I hope you’re well.

    • brad yoder

      Thanks, Joe!
      I’m honored that you remember my songs. I still play little shows–hopefully you can stop in, and hear some new ones sometime.


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