Box of Tears

Written July 2010

Tab C, capo 3

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I’ve got a box of tears, it’s such a sad collection
saved over many years, I take them out and count them,
+++ cataloged, row-by-row,
+++ I still know every story behind
+++ all these salty drops in my box of tears..

here in my box of tears I’ve got them color-coded,
red is for love that’s lost, and green is unrequited,
so if you ask, “why so blue?”
here’s a dropper of tears I cried for you
one lonely night, with my box of tears,
+++++ I guess it’s clear by now,
+++++ that I know how to draw the sadness out,
+++++ and if there’s any doubt,
+++++just look at what I’ve kept around..

I wish I could cry like you, ‘cause girl, you make the rain blush,
my tears are rare and few, that’s why they’re worth so damn much,
+++ I sent them off to the lab,
+++ the results confirm: they’re all super-saturated,
+++ every drop from my box of tears..
+++ so here’s a tear of regret
+++ for all the years I’ve spent collecting
+++ every salty drop in my box of tears,
+++ each salty drop in my box of,
+++ all these salty drops in my box of tears…

One comment on “Box of Tears”

  1. Kris


    ‘Good lyrics….sounds like it is my anthem as god knows my tears make the rain blush and the storm, and the typhoon…! A re-router for tears wouldn’t be a bad thing. Have fun in NE! I’ll be there the week after you! Time for Michael’s week at music/theatre–‘cotton patch gospel’. he’s auditioning to ‘maxwell silverhammer’. ecclectic to cay the least! Best.



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