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Full Band Show=Last Friday!

BIG THANKS to everyone who came out last Friday (11/7/08) to hear me and my kicking band atYour Inner Vagaond.
The Lost Sea opened, and were great (thanks, Sean!), and Your Inner Vagaond is such a great room (thanks, Andrew!): non-smoking, all-ages, BYOB, lots of couches, good sound, and easy to play not-too-loud. I hope we can play there again sometime soon .

2 comments on “Full Band Show=Last Friday!”

  1. Dilla Mastrangelo

    I came with a friend and enjoyed it very much. Loved the full band and also appreciated your repeated requests to bring the vocals to the front as it was really necessary from an audience perspective also. Often at shows, you just have to endure a bad mix, but not in this case. I came away feeling uplifted by the energy and musical enthusiasm of all of the musicians. Thank you.

  2. Brad

    you’re most welcome, Dilla!
    that was a really fun show. Glad you caught it. And, yeah, it’s hard to get enough vocal at a “rock” show. I was asking for more onstage, but hopefully the balance got better in the room, too.


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